The GILDA-UNAMS Federation was founded in 1989 and it is set in Rome. It represents the workers of the school and its aims is to safeguard them on a professional and trade union point of view, as stated by the existing law, taking part with its asserting platforms at the various levels of negotiation.

That’s why its main goal is the creation of different negotiation platforms for teachers, on one hand, and other school workers (ATA), on the other hand, to better valorise the different distinctive features. Retired persons can be member of the Gilda-Unams Federation.

The Gilda UNAMS Federation is a political unitary subject which is articulated in Independent Organizational Structures at a National level; they have organizational and patrimonial independence. Its members and the Independent Organizational Structures, in which the Federation is structured, have to pay a federal membership fee as stated by the statutory bodies. To be a member of the Federation gives all its members the same rights and duties.

The first member of the Gilda in the province of Ragusa was Mr Gianfranco Garofalo who has to be considered the “Founder of the Gilda of the teachers in Ragusa". On 1st of April 2000, the Gilda of the teachers of Ragusa had only four members.

The diffusion of the Association among teachers of the province and the extension of its members had its ultimate boost when the Association came to be led by Mr Raffaele Brafa, current Provincial Coordinator, who managed to involve in the board of the Association people of high professionalism and decided morality.